Spline Mirror for Apple Vision Pro

Get started with spatial computing. Spline Mirror for the Apple Vision Pro allows you to experience your 3D content spatially like never before.

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Experiencing 3D is part of the creative workflow

Spline Mirror on visionOS brings a complementary step to your workflow, immersing you into a new creative process.

Design with the Spline editor

Create your 3D designs on the browser or desktop using the Spline editor.

Experience with the Vision Pro

Open 3D content spatially with Spline Mirror in Window, Volume or Space mode.

Export 3D content for production

With a click of a button, get production-ready code for iOS or visionOS from Spline.

Export for production
Explore your 3D content spatially on visionOS

Interact with your 3D content by choosing from the spatial types available on visionOS that best fit your 3D experience.


Windows display content on a flat surface, within which you can use 2D and 3D content.


Volumes are 3D containers that can be rendered in your space, alongside Windows.


Scenes can expand around you, allowing for full immersion in a 3D experience.


Learn more about the best practices for building 3D experiences with Spline for visionOS.

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Bring your Spline scenes to Vision Pro

Take advantage of Spline on visionOS to view your scenes spatially on the Vision Pro.

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