Design and export native 3D for iOS

A fully native Spline Metal renderer to help you bring 3D to iOS, iPadOS, macOS and visionOS.

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Render your 3D content natively

Native 3D for iOS made easier

The new native renderer enables you to bring all of the interactivity and materials from your 3D designs beyond the web into Apple devices.

Spline Event
Unfolding Dimensions

Rewatch the announcement of native 3D for iOS plus more in the event.

Two ways to export for iOS

Embed native 3D with a Swift code snippet or generate an Xcode project ready to publish in the App Store.

Native Performance

A new metal-based renderer that takes advantage of all the graphics acceleration on Apple devices.

Streamlined Workflow

Design, iterate and export from Spline.
No more importing and exporting through several apps.

Interactive and animated 3D

Use states, events, and actions to create engaging interactive 3D experiences fully compatible with Apple platforms.

Layered material system

A familiar system that simplifies the creation process of materials for your native 3D content.

Native 3D Embeds

Embed native 3D elements in your Xcode projects with a Swift code snippet.

Embed from the cloud or locally

Keep your scenes in sync with cloud embedding or achieve even faster loading times with local downloads.

Custom Frame or Full Screen

Just like you can do on the web already, embed a section of your design or make it a full screen experience in your app.

Beyond the screen

Design native spatial experiences for visionOS directly from Spline.

App Generation
App Generation

Generate native apps for iOS, iPadOS, macOS and visionOS directly from Spline

Ready to build and publish

Customize properties right from Spline, like the name, icon and splash screen of your app and be ready to publish on the App Store.

Become an app creator

Designers can now create apps without the need to code from scratch. A simplified way to go from design straight to production.

Learn more about how to get started

Learn how you can use Spline to kickstart your next iOS 3D projects.

Native 3D Embeds

Learn more about exporting your 3D content for iOS and Apple platforms with native embeds.

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App Generation

Learn more about generating a pre-built Xcode project directly from Spline ready to build.

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Level up your iOS apps with 3D

Bring 3D to iOS and more with a fully native Spline Metal renderer and runtime.