AI 3D Generation

The power of AI for the 3rd dimension.
Generate 3D objects from text prompts and images.

AI 3D Generation
AI 3D Generation
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Generate with Text to 3D

Use text prompts to generate 4 variants and turn them into 3D models.

Generate with Image to 3D

Use 2D front facing images to influence your generations and effortlessly convert them into 3D models.

Generate with Image to 3D
Remix & generate variants

Easily generate new variants by remixing & referencing your previous generated results.

Bring your imagination to life

Your ideas and concepts realized into 3D objects.

Bring your imagination to lifeBring your imagination to life

Intuitive and beginner friendly

Easy to start prompting and no modeling experience needed.

Ideate with fast generation

Save time by bringing your models to life within seconds.

Generate your own 3D library

Create a unique library for your 3D projects.

Generate your own 3D Library
An integrated platform for AI 3D Generation

Choose where and how to generate, while working from the editor or from your dashboard.

Generate from the Dashboard

Focus on building your 3D library with the help of AI without any distractions.

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Generate from the Editor

Continue working and generate as you build your scenes from the Spline Editor.

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A world of endless possibilities

Bring your 3D ideas and concepts to life faster.

a girl face, brown skin, cartoonish, stylized, smiling
a stylized pink sofa
a cute molang cat, cartoonish
a cute tiger character, big eyes, cartoonish, stylized
a speckled mushroom, made of clay
a girl face, good lighting, pink hair, cartoonish, stylized
Multi-platform publishing

With Spline’s interactive exports you can easily integrate your AI content into multiple platforms.

Web Exports

Embed your 3D content on the web with a code snippet or custom code.

iOS Exports

Bring your 3D content to Apple Platforms with a code snippet or a generated Xcode project.


Experience your 3D content spatially with Spline’s native Metal renderer.

AI editor preview

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Start creating in 3D with AI

Transform your ideas into reality with AI-driven 3D generation on the Spline platform.

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