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  • Web-Based
  • Real-time
  • Collaborative
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Designing in 3D has never been easier

Create 3D scenes, edit materials, and model 3D objects.
Control the outcome of your design work.

Tools to express your creativity

3D opens a new door for creativity. A solid set of features that will help you create your best designs.

  • Realtime Collaboration

    Work with your team in real-time and set individual permissions.

  • 3D Modeling

    Parametric objects, polygonal editing, and more.

  • Animation

    Give life to your 3d objects.

  • Interactive Experiences

    Enable interactivity on your objects.

  • Materials

    Control the look of your scene.

  • 3D Sculpting

    Create organic shapes.


And there is more!

Spline is constantly growing just like the possibilities of what you can achieve.

  • Teams, Projects & Folders

    Create teams and organize your files in folders and projects.

  • Image Exports

    Save your composition in high resolution JPGs & PNGs.

  • Polygonal Modeling

    Model any type of objects with a range of different tools.

  • React Export

    Quickly integrate your scene into your React projects.

  • Material Assets

    Stay organized with assets, including textures and colors.

  • Templates Library

    A repository of scenes, templates, and objects ready to use.

  • Vector Editing

    The vector tool you already know but in the 3D space.

  • Camera Controls

    Use cameras to control your scene composition.

  • Web Browser Events

    Create 3D animations and interactions with mouse/touch events.

Integrate your 3D designs with your pipeline

Get your 3D scenes inside your web projects using simple embed code/snippets.

Drag the cube to interact with it
import Spline from '@splinetool/react-spline';
export default function App() {
return (

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Loved by teams around the world

Teams love creating in 3D with Spline for its ease of use and flexibility.

“As a designer who has always worked in 2D spaces, Spline is the first 3D design software I was able to feel comfortable with and pick up with ease.”

Product Designer at Muck Rack

“It's the easiest way for a designer to collaborate remotely with the rest of the team in a 3D environment.”

Product Designer at Threads

“Today I learned making a 3D toggle micro interaction! The Spline tutorials are very easy to follow.” “...I'm looking forward to trying out more of their tutorials.”

UX Consultant at EY

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